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James Dallas  Welcome to The Class of 2017. We are proud to have you with us. Our goal is to COMPLETE THE TRAINING. That is was we aspire to do. As a result of that, we will become the player we have always desired to be. 

  the class of 2018

Bill Watson Absolutely. Adding muscle memory and stroke knowledge is giving me confidence. One thing also that helped me tremendously is staying down to watch the results of the shot. How many people jump up in disgust after a miss but will have NO idea how to prevent the miss in the future because they don't even know how they missed it. These drills that we are doing hundreds of times over teach us the right stroke but also teach us how to play our idiosyncrasies. Thank you Timothy for the service you are providing to us. I won't disappoint you

Our purpose is to complete the MONK 101 TRAINING. 
Reason why we have this purpose?
To  like a winner who does not give up. 

  I started playing pool when I was about 6 years old ,and just banging balls around and then ,my mom and dad got a divorce and then I wasn't able to didn't play till about 13 yrs old I started working on a horse farm and a guy worked there shot pretty good pool and we became friends and started shooting together,but didn't have any one shows use anything it was all trial and error pool. I played every chance I got and played the best I could find ,learned and paid attention to what others told me. then got married and quit playing for 10 years never shot a ball, then my two boys started shooting a little at local tournament and the guys kept beating them and then they ask me to go up there and I did and won it ,and then I been shooting ever since. Winning tournaments and leagues,but my dream and desire is to be the best and be pro level. I sacfrice a lot for this game my hole life and I will play it till I die.  Don't really have a Nick name but used to call me Smoking Chuck Davis
This will be the cover of Chucks training manual when he graduates from this course.  


Our purpose is to complete the Monk 101 Training. It is a long and difficult course. The road to the top is paved with many obstacles and you are only defeated when you stop moving. Take on the spirit of the Squirrel who is always busy. When you study the Squirrel you see that he is busy doing worthwhile work. So it is with us. Everything we do has meaning. Real meaning. 


Go to home page and make plans to join the class of 2017.  If you join now, I will schedule a personal visit to your area next year. Be a great player when I show up!!

go to the home page and make plans to b


You are the Way of the Beaver. He does not see the overwhelming task of building a dam. He sees the specific job he is doing. The Way of the Beaver is to complete the job as many times as it take to create a strong sturdy dam. 


While we are busy like the Squirrel and specific like the Beaver we are part of a group all going in the same direction. We have the Gift of the Geese. Each of us will honk for the other to keep pressing on. Never give up. Work until the work is done. With your support, I will never give up. 

I've been teaching and playing for over thirty years. Today I make cues. In fact, The Monk has one of my cues. I have been working in the Road Players training program for almost two years but not full time. Now, with the class of 2017 i want to graduate and make you all proud. If you want training and in the Charlotte area look me up on Face Book. The Monk says I am a good teacher and I never had anyone complain.

I am proud to say that Howard Smith has graduated from The Monk 101 Training and is certified to help you master this material. Howard has been teaching for over thirty years.

Howard Smith  Monk 101 Master Instructor. He is also the author of The Monk's cue "The Wolf" 

Many many years ago I went over to the University of Illinois in Chicago to take The Monks Masters class. It was such a great time I attended his class in Minneapolis and then again in Phoenix AZ. I have been with The Monk, teaching for a long time. After training I went on to win top gun in three different leagues and became one of the best players in the Chicago area. I love doing the drills. I love training. If you are interested in coaching, The Monk says I am one of his best. Don't tell The Monk, but he has stopped by my house for a little friendly match and ended up buying supper more than once. Looking forward to the class of 2017 

Dominic Colonero   

  I am proud to say that Dominic Colonero has graduated from The Monk 101 Training and is certified to help you master this material. Dominic has been teaching for over thirty years.   Dominic Colonero Monk 101 Master Instructor 

I met Tim when he came to Chicago for a big tournament. He stayed at my house and gave me lesson after lesson. I really enjoyed myself and got hooked on The Monk 101 program. I have been working in The Road Players for about two years and according to Tim, I am a very good coach. 

I helped Tim in Chicago and when he was very sick in De Moines IA  he called to see if I would be able to help him with his class. Of course, I hopped into my truck and had the best time of my life. I give lessons, and am always ready to help. But as a member of the 2017 class, I intend to bring my game up a few levels. 

I am proud to say that Eric Nelson has graduated from The Monk 101 Training and is certified to help you master this material. Eric has been teaching for over thirty years.

The Monk came to my house a couple of years ago and we went through The Road Players Training program over a four day period. It was intense work. I have been training on my own and my skills have really taken a turn for the better. Now I am excited to be in the class of 2017 and hope to keep up with everyone and finish the course by March of next year. I am a certified Road Player Master Instructor and am willing to help students out with their game skills. Contact me on FB 



This is my support team. I heard that in any big endeavor you have to want it for yourself. I want to succeed for my family so they can be proud. 

I want to acquire knowledge of this game. The Monk says I need to define what level of knowledge I want to acquire and why. 

I want to have confidence when I step up to the table. In practice I am a mighty warrior.  The Monk says I have to trust my training. I will do all the levels and will master each lesson. 

I have followed some of the Monk teachings for some time now.  I have in my notebook my detailed recordings of shooting the 2 7 2 shot 6,000 times so far.  To make it more interesting I actually placed the cue ball inside of a paper reinforcement ring, inside of a 2.5" circle, inside of a 6" circle, inside of a 12" square all drawn on my table.  I have record of how each shot landed, in the square, circle, dead on, etc.  I literally wore out the cloth.  You could even see where my fingers left discoloration from sliding into position each time I shot it.  I admit that a major house addition project has taken me away from my pool drills for awhile now but it is time to get back after it.

Bill Watson 

I was not shy about my goal to become world class. That is why I am in the Road Players Training. I have the desire. There are few books or DVD's I don't own. It is time to put all that stuff away and do each class as it is laid out. I am with you all the way. If you want to play some nine ball, I am in Texas. I also set up the Road Players Instructors page on FB. 



Aaron Harvey Sikes   Known as "The Wolverine" 
His goal is to be more consistent. However we must define consistency. 
Your goal must be measurable. You also have to declare your "why" of your goal. Tell  us what level of consistency you want to achieve. 

If you finish this course your will be totally consistent. So your goal can be to complete all the lessons. "The Wolverine" knows how to finish. 

David Rowell has been through the program. He did most of the lessons and worked very hard on his game.. He showed remarkable improvement and turned in great victories in large tournaments and for large cash games. Still, he did not reach the level that is reserved for the true die hard student. he skipped stuff because it came so easy for him. 

Now he is going through step by step, mastering each lesson and when he is finished, he will be world class. He already is pro level and has a billiard academy in Birmingham AL. 

David contacted me for training over fifteen years ago. I have visited him on three different occasions to work on his game. 

He won the BCA US Open Amateurs twice and came in second once. David is a good instructor, he is certified and can really help you. But he wants that pro level title and with hard work he will reach his goals. You can find him on FB. A trip to Birmingham would be a good investment. 

I went to the Philippines to take The Monks 21 day course. I had the time of my life. The training he took me through really opened my eyes to the effect of how the strokes work. I am dedicated now more than ever to go through this class and complete it with honors. I am a PhD so I do know how to study. I am located in and around Australia. 


According to The Monk I was the first to graduate from this training. I started about two years ago. When I heard he was coming to Iowa i signed up for his three days of training. I am looking forward to the class of 2017. It will be good to be back into training. I will have to take some time away from winning tournaments. I have a Road Players Masters degree so if anyone in the mid west needs help give me a shout.


Brad McGatha, has goals to join the Pro Tour and is willing to put in the time to achieve those dreams. He is from Springfield MO. 

He goes by the name of SpringfieldSlim. 

He also works full time making cues. you can contact Brad on FB for further details. 

Brad never fails to honk for our fellow members. He is a thoughtful guys and loves to help others. 

I am currently living in Italy. returning to S.E.Wisconsin within the next 10-11 months. I got interested in Pool after retiring from bowling (bad knees). I plan on retiring within 5 years and would like to become an instructor/coach to help players of all ages to both learn and promote the sport. 

 I also plan on restarting my S.E. Wisconsin Pocket Billiards Tour (SEWPBT). I have been a part of the Road Players curriculum for about a year, but have been sidetracked several times, which has impeded the progress I had hoped to make by now. I want to become the fisherman, not the fish!!! Been playing competitive league pool for about 8 years....

27 years ago Scott Bourassa showed up at the pool hall where I was teaching. He wanted to gamble with me. He had won money at the dog track and like most gamblers he could not stand having that money in his pocket so we played. And I won. We have been friends ever since. A couple of years ago he drove me around the US doing workshops and playing in tournaments. My best Scott story was me and David Rowell and Scott all order twenty dollar T Bone steaks, figuring me or David would pay if we won the tournament. As it turned out, me and David were knocked out and that left Scott to get us off the hook. He did a great job. Steaks paid for by money won is sweeter than paid for out of our hard earned money 

Brian Horner is our newest member. He loves pool and plays local tournaments a few times a week. Brian owns a restaurant so he is always busy. 

He will begin the fist Pond and work very hard to make it through the entire program. 

If you get to the PA area, up in Carlisle then you should stop in for a game and some of his famous barbecued ribs. 

Colin Wix joined The MONK 101 and came to the Philippines for 21 days of lessons with The Monk. We made great progress. He did not even want to take a day off. His work ethic is incredible and Colin will complete this program. 

Colin is a Bee Keeper. He has a Bee farm in Australia so it is going to take him a while to complete the course. I have no doubt he will reach the final Pond one day. He is not a quitter. 

John Broek went through the 21 days of training with The Monk. He was ot even interested to take a day off. On and on we worked and I was amazed by how he transformed before my eyes. So much so I took him to the local pool hall and was willing to lose a few pesos just to give him the experience of playing under hectic conditions. He won four out of five matches.  It was a real pleasure to work with this very serious pool player 

John is very deliberate in his play. He takes his time on each shot. There are times when he tends to hit the ball hard but for the most part he is smooth.

John is very respectful and works hard