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These books are only available until May 25 It will take you a year to master all the material within these two books. 

Build a strong foundation to your game with this video. The shots are performed by MONK 101 Master Eric Nelson. Master the Four Strokes of Pool.


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Class one 

Check out my road trip. If you can't afford my $1000 workshop, you can afford my $100 two hour lesson. Make plans to spend some time with The Monk. You can bring your game to the next level with just this two hour lesson which is guaranteed. 



It has been many years of teaching and sharing with others in this game. Now, I decided to become a student and go through the training program. It was not easy. In fact, I had to go through twice before I declared I have completed the program. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Watch this clip.


two incredible books available today 
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over 200 pages 

Use the donation button to purchase these videos. I ask for a $15.00 donation.  

Each book is over two hundred pages filled with lesson graphics.They also feature my books Point the Way, I Came to Win and the Eight Ball Book. You are getting four books in one. Just $65.00 

The video that will make a difference in the way you pocket balls. This is revolutionary technology that will help you stop missing shots. You will make that breakthrough you have been looking for. Nothing like this is offered in pool today. The Monk has created a remarkable method to pocketing balls. 

THE MONK 101 SHOT SEQUENCE IS GUARANTEED! If you are not hitting shots better you can get your money back. 

THE MONK SHOT SEQUENCE  is the two hour private lesson The Monk gives for $100.00 while he is in the USA You can get the same material in this video. 

Order today. Just $15.00! 


My Classes are FREE to you. I do have a DONATION BUTTON if you want to help out but do not feel obligated. I am only talking about a five dollar bill to help me out with all the time I put in. If you do this once a month I am very happy. 

I ask you to use the share button to help me build a solid group of friends who will benefit from this project. I have a lot to share. 

On my USA trip I will continue to post FREE lessons for you and news items you may be interested in. 

a million dollar idea from The Monk for you
                                      class two 

CLASS FOUR  will come from Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor Florida. I have a remarkable lesson to share with you. Thanks for your support and looking forward to some great clips as I travel around the USA. You can see my USA schedule on the home page.